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Writers of the Infinite South is a zine with 6 backgrounds for Troika! inspired by Argentine writers.

Suerralism, horror, absurdism, queer anarcho poetry, and more! 

Within the pages of this zine you'll find

  • A blind erudite with a sight guide tiger! (Jorge Luis Borges)
  • A reality hopper who jumps through space as if it were a hopscotch (Julio Cortazar)
  • A popular saints collector with a talking grave robbed femur (Mariana Enríquez)
  • An exorcist of sadness (Alejandra Pizarnik)
  • An anarchist queer mud troll made of filth and muck (Néstor Perlongher)
  • And a politaclly banned absurdist bard (María Elena Walsh)



Escritores del Sur Infinito es un fanzine con 6 arquetipos para Troika! inspirados por escritorxs argentinxs

Suerralismo, terror, absurdismo, poesía anarco-queer, y más!

Dentro de este fanzine encontrarán:

  • Un erudito ciego con un tigre lazarillo (Jorge Luis Borges)
  • Un salta-realidades que atraviesa el espacio como si fuera una rayuela (Julio Cortazar)
  • Una coleccionista de Santos populares con un fémur robado de una tumba que habla (Mariana Enríquez)
  • Una exorcista de la tristeza (Alejandra Pizarnik)
  • Un troll  anarquista y queer compuesto por mugre y fango(Néstor Perlongher)
  • Una trovadora absurdista prohíbida políticamente (María Elena Walsh)


"Writers of the Infinite South" is an independent production by Ezakur and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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The idea is adorable! I don't know if Argentinian writers will play a role in my troika game world, but I only know two of the ones paraphrased here and I have the feeling that this will whet my appetite for the works of other authors.