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An internet infused supplement forhere, there, be monsters! by wendi yu. Done for the here, there, everywhere! jam.

In this zine you’ll find suggestions about how to play as a group of web surfin’ cybernetic monster weirdos who defend their online and offline communities from the attacks of gentrifying fascist megacorporations and their allies.

Your minds have been rewired into the infinite scroll of your websites. Your skin pores opened up into peripheral ports that plug you into this new layered unreality. The yellow, red and white wires that grow out of your scalps allow you to connect with friends and lovers to remix your senses and share your dreams. You’ve hacked your BIOS to reconfigure your organs, your glands, your genitals so you may unbecome what you were hardcoded to be. You are monsters made out of the staticky buzz of CRT monitors... and just plain ol’ being extremely online.
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Tagscreepypasta, Cyberpunk, Internet, Monsters, punk, Queer, Transgender, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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